Owen Kaelan

My name has also known the spelling Owen Kaelin.

I live in Watertown, MA, just above Boston.

A writer of fiction, I'm partial to literature that courts my imagination. This includes, among other things, surrealism, absurdism and tentative fantasy, and everything that I've published in Gone Lawn. I'm also interested in folklore (and the human motivation to tell tales).

My novel-in-progress, Seelie Catch, is steeped in such myth-making and storytelling. Information, occasional updates and some brief excerpts can be found at its development page on Facebook, as linked under Projects, below.

I edit the literary webjournal Gone Lawn, which publishes other-than-usual literature, prose and poetry, and is now reviewing work for its 26th issue.

I have a presence on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and AuthorsDen.

Published Works

2013 : All Our Animal Dead : [A-Minor]
2013 : The Well Wishers : [Cease, Cows - September]
2013 : The Free Sounds: House of X : [Cease, Cows - May]
2013 : A Language of Trenches : ["Word Swell" (anthology)]
2011 : Sound and Sky : [Anemone Sidecar #15]
2011 : House of the Letter L [Café Irreal]
2010 : An Audible Palace : [Exclusive #3]
2010 : Leisure : [Kill Author #10]
2007 : Growing Home : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2007 : Climbing the People : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2006 : Hills of Teeth : [Spinning Jenny (print)]


Seelie Catch : novel


Gone Lawn
Step Chamber