Owen Kaelan

I live in Watertown, MA, outside Boston.

A writer of literature fiction, I'm partial to surrealism, absurdism and oddities. I'm also interested in myth and folklore (and the human motivation to tell tales).

My novel-in-progress, Seelie Catch, is steeped in such myth-making and storytelling. Information, occasional updates and some brief excerpts can be found at its development page on Facebook, as linked under Projects, below.

I edit the literary webjournal Gone Lawn, which publishes other-than-usual literature, prose and poetry, and is now reviewing work for its 27th issue.

I have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and AuthorsDen.


Seelie Catch : novel

Published Works

2013 : All Our Animal Dead : [A-Minor]
2013 : The Well Wishers : [Cease, Cows - September]
2013 : The Free Sounds: House of X : [Cease, Cows - May]
2013 : A Language of Trenches : ["Word Swell" (anthology)]
2011 : Sound and Sky : [Anemone Sidecar #15]
2011 : House of the Letter L [Café Irreal]
2010 : An Audible Palace : [Exclusive #3]
2010 : Leisure : [Kill Author #10]
2007 : Growing Home : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2007 : Climbing the People : [Snow Monkey #18 (print)]
2006 : Hills of Teeth : [Spinning Jenny (print)]


Gone Lawn
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